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The museum is primarily centered around domestic types of plugs shown around the world map.
Click on a plug for details.  Special types of plugs and sockets are listed below.
  World map with plug standards

Nearly each type of plug and socket is used in a number of countries. An inventory of countries with their types of plugs and sockets is given in the IEC list of World Plugs. Information can also be found in the International Trade Administration list.
Examples of classic material are displayed together with the related standard type of plugs or sockets.
More plugs and sockets can be found in
the following special cabinets:

Terko socket Uncommon plugs and sockets
Material that deviates from the standards shown above, and are used for special purposes.
Multi-standard sockets
Sockets with outlets for different types of plugs.
See also 'Multiple standard countries', below.
Chinese multi-standard socket
C5 appliance coupler
Power cords
Flex cords with moulded plugs and connectors.
IEC 60320, special plugs and classic material.
Adapter plugs
Useful when traveling; makes an alien outlet accessible for the type of plugs in your country.
Multi-standard adapter plug
Wylex plug Phased out plugs and sockets
Outdated plugs and sockets that are not related to any of the above shown standard.
Map of sockets in Europe
In Europe you may find six different standards.
A table summarizes their compatibility with
20 of the most commonly used plugs.
Small map of Europe
Bi-tension plug
Plugs and sockets that doesn't match to any of the categories mentioned above.
Certification marks
Plugs and sockets may have certification marks which indicate that they meet the safety
standards as specified in the given country.
KEMA sign


Country-specific pages

Some countries have adopted several different standards. Other countries have a single
standard, but details may differ from usual specifications. Click on a flag for an overview.
flag of Brazil
flag of Argentina
flag of Uruguay
Flag of Chile
Flag of China
flag of Russia
Flag of South Africa
South Africa


Tripoliki adapter outlet Plugs and sockets that are missing or unknown
A collection is never complete. The 'most wanted' items are summarized.
Other items in the museum collection are of unkown origin.
Have a look, it might be that you can help me. 

Question mark socket


The museum has a separate wing for ...
Heavy duty plugs
Single and three-phase plugs and sockets for non-industrial heavy duty applications

as electrical stoves, dryers etc., equipment in workshops, farms and outdoors.

Note that an adapted style of plugs is used for navigation in this wing (see and click example at right).
3-phase navigation plug


 Occasionally domestic plug standards are indicated with capital letters A - N. This is an unofficial classification system. The museum does not use the system anymore, but for your convenience links between letter codes and corresponding pages of the website are given below.

Types A/B

Profile type B plug
Type C

Profile type C plug
CEE 7/16
Type D

Profile type D plug
BS 546
UK, India
Type E

Profile type E plug
CEE 7/6
Type F

Profile type F plug
CEE 7/4
Type G

Profile type G plug
BS 1363
Type H

Profile type H plug
SI 21
Type I

Profile type I plug
AS 3112
Type J

Profile type J plug
SEV 1011
Type K

Profile type K plug
Type L

Profile type L plug
CEI 23-50
Type M

Profile type N plug
BS 546
Type N

Profile type N plug


Disclaimer     This website is a digital museum. Legends to illustrations etc. are not to be regarded as instruction manuals. We refer to documentation that comes with plugs and sockets for information about the proper and safe use of these devices.
If in any doubt, consult a qualified electrician !


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